SocketSense Face-to-Face Milestone Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the world, and for the last two years, our SocketSense consortium did not get a chance to hold an in-person meeting due to strict preventative measures and travel restrictions. Thankfully, this period is behind us, and the latest meeting where representatives from the project partners got together was not an online event! The two-day milestone meeting was organised by Teesside University at Cambridge between the 31st and 1st of June and was even marked with an Italian dinner to celebrate the unique occasion.

During this meeting, the main focus was on the progress of various aspects of the SocketSense sensor-based system. More specifically, during the first day, the presentations and discussions revolved around biomechanical modelling, the assessment of the SocketSense technical solutions based on the feedback collected from the clinical trials, as well as software development (Nuromedia) and the open issues on the above topics. On the second day, the focus was shifted toward software and hardware integration and its current status with TWI Hellas and KTH presentations. A three-part workshop also took place where during session 1, KTH addressed data visualisation and comfort assessment. The second session led by South Tees Hospitals, Servicio Andaluz De Salud and Teesside University focused on the clinical trials at the partners’ hospitals. The final session was devoted to data analysis, current findings and planning, run by South Tees Hospitals and Teesside University.

Overall, the physical gathering was an excellent opportunity for the team to come together, discuss technical topics and share experiences and ideas. Last but not least, the main outcome of the milestone meeting was to help the consortium comprehend where the project stands, identify weaknesses, renew motivation and set new objectives for the upcoming months.