SocketSense co-organises the SINTEC Summer School 2022

SocketSense welcomes the summer season with the SINTEC Summer School. Between 7-10 June 2022, the event will take place at Castione della Presolana in Northern Italy. The summer school is co-organized by SINTEC (Smart Bioelectronic and Wearable Systems) along with three EU-funded projects: SocketSense (comfortable and personalized prosthetics), Welmo (wearable electronics for effective lung monitoring) and Life Champs (a collective intelligent platform in support of cancer champions).

The four-day SINTEC School will be focusing on wearables with embedded sports/health applications, IOT for wearable health and sport monitoring, as well as stretchable electronics. Throughout the event, scientists and industry leaders will focus on how a classic PCB technology can be implemented in stretchable smart patches and its possibilities to interact with IoT technologies. Then, daily open-air tours will be offered to test the stretchable smart patch while experiencing the magical landscape of the Prealps. Moreover, the summer school will give the floor to the SocketSense, Welmo and Life Champs case studies. The event will also shed light on how this cutting-edge research can enhance healthcare and sports monitoring. The opportunity to gain valuable information on the above topics is ideal for PhD and Postdoc students, early-stage researchers and industry practitioners.

Regarding the SocketSense involvement, researchers from our project’s partners will share research and findings on day 3. More specifically, Pouyan Mehryar and Begum Zeybek from Teesside University will present the SocketSense clinical trials for socket comfort analysis and the construction of biomechanical models for the successful sensor deployment. Following that, Dejiu Chen from KTH Royal Institute of Technology will focus on anomaly detection and analyzing the dynamic conditions with sensors and models.

The maximum availability for the event is 50 participants. So, be sure to register as early as possible, at the latest by 15 May 2022. The actual event is free, so attendees will only have to pay for travel and hotel accommodation.

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