The Technology – At A Glance

The SocketSense sensor-based innovative socket system will be based on the following design aspects:

  • “Soft and Flexible” innovative light-weight, 3D pressure and shear sensors based on an environmentally friendly ‘new composition of matter’ sensing material called Quantum Technology Supersensors which harnesses quantum technology to achieve functionalities that have been otherwise unattainable.
  • Simple, low cost, low power processing, multi-touch and multi-functional electronic sensors that are easily assembled and easy to large-scale manufacture
  • Innovative sensor system capable of providing a three-dimensional pressure map in real time for better prosthetic fit
  • Robust, reliable and waterproof system suitable socket embedded sensor system for varying environments
  • Sensor weight reduction and intuitive user experiences
  • Advanced biomechanical analytics model to analyse the interaction of residual tissue and sockets
  • Low cost and fast 3D printing of sockets through automated socket design/generation codes in unified software
  • Environmental impact reduction system
  • Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance the accuracy of data analysis
  • High immunity to EMI and environmental conditions due to advanced ICT-components
  • Compatibility with existing Arduino & Open-source software as well