SocketSense @ InnoLae 2020

Large-Area Electronics (including printable and flexible electronics) is a new way of making electronics, sensing systems and intelligent objects using novel materials formulated as inks and low-temperature processes such as printing and coating. The concept of using low-temperature manufacturing processes to deposit functional materials directly onto flexible substrates to make intelligent systems is revolutionary from both a cost and environmental perspective. Devices can be produced in high-volume over large areas on flexible substrates enabling electronic systems to be deployed in a wide variety of non-traditional situations and resolve problems in fields such as healthcare in a cost-effective way.

SocketSense presented its poster at the Innovations in LAE Conference in Cambridge UK 21-23 January 2020. This key 3 day conference in the printed electronics calendar highlights the latest innovations in LAE and attracts interest and engagement from both industry and academe and attracts hundreds of delegates from over 20 countries.