SocketSense in the world of ISB2021

The XXVIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) will hold a virtual conference, the first one in its long history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, between the 25th-29th of July. The digital headquarters of this year’s five-day congress will be in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference will offer fertile ground for scientific lectures, educational tutorials, and networking/mentoring/sponsoring opportunities.

We are proud to announce that ISB2021 has accepted three SocketSense abstracts. Our project partners will deliver two oral and one poster presentations during the conference that will allow us to communicate our research and progress so far. More specifically, TWI Hellas will present the latest progress on the fuzzy-logic inference system for transfemoral socket rectification, while Teesside University will focus on the biomechanical response of residual limbs using finite element modelling and the ultrasound investigation of muscle size and muscle properties in transfemoral amputees.

The 28th ISB congress emerges as a much-needed oasis for the scientific community. It is an excellent opportunity to digitally promote research projects and support forward-thinking initiatives in a time when communication, innovation and global progress have come to a halt due to the current circumstances.

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