SocketSense returns to the OTWorld congress

After the initial SocketSense participation in OTWorld 2020, the time has come to return to the conference sharing our latest progress. OTWorld 2022 is hosted in Leipzig, Germany, between the 10th-13th of May. The biannual event will welcome manufacturers, dealers, and service providers in the field of modern medical aids and equipment from across the globe, ready to showcase their innovative products and services.

SocketSense participates in the conference with two submissions, an e-poster and a full oral presentation. The poster focuses on simultaneous intra-socket shear and pressure measurements of a transfemoral amputee during dynamic and static activities. It is co-authored by Siu-Teing Ko from Össur and Josephine Charnley from Quantum Technology Supersensors. In turn, the oral presentation entitled  “A toolbox for bi-directional conversions between 3D prosthetic socket stress measurements and its representations in 2D” is produced by Siu-Teing Ko from Össur and Valter Dejke from RISE institute.

Both submissions shed light on the innovative work that the SocketSense team has put on observing and understanding the intricacies of a prosthetic socket, its intra-operational conditions and shear/pressure measurements to utilise the learnings in building and optimising the socket system to relieve amputees around the world from repetitive fitting trials.

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